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Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

Personally, when my sciatica flares, I cannot sleep, sit or stand without constant pain. The pain goes down my leg and I can never find the right position to alleviate the radiating pain. It's immobilizing, it's frustrating, and it's painful - and it lasts for a long time, sometimes. But the truth is sciatic nerve pain relief is possible! It's a very common ailment with more than 3 million cases a year in the US.

sciatic nerve pain relief

Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in our body, running from the low back down through the hips, glutes, legs and feet. If you are experiencing sciatic nerve pain, best to consult with your doctor and/or physical therapist first to rule out a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or sacroiliac joint dysfunction. The pain radiating down your leg is due to a compressed nerve, or inflammation, and these health issues can cause that, or it may be from piriformis syndrome. It can also be caused by poor posture with prolonged sitting or standing.

If you have already consulted with your doctor and/or physical therapist and have not experienced relief, click here to learn a 100% natural method that is free of side effects. It is a safe method that does not involve any medication. Pregnant women often struggle with sciatic nerve pain, and this method is safe for them also. It is a simple method that can be performed anywhere at any time and takes as little as 8 minutes a day.


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